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eco-Disruptive is a global talent programme that brings together three key elements of Bupa’s strategy : sustainability, digital transformation and agile culture.

Our goal is to find and support sustainable, scalable start-ups and innovative solutions that will improve people’s health and the health of the planet.

Now in its second year, eco-Disruptive will run from September 2022 to December 2022 across nine countries or regions where Bupa operates: Australia, Spain, UK, Hong Kong SAR, Mexico, Bolivia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Panama.

This year’s eco-Disruptive is focussing on six challenge areas: decarbonisation; circular solutions; sustainable products and services; sustainable healthcare choices, healthy Bupa buildings; and urban restoration and regeneration.

To find out more about our latest eco-Disruptive programme which runs from September 2022 to December 2022, See our programme page .

Why did we launch eco-Disruptive?

For 75 years, we’ve been taking care of people’s health. Today, we understand that the health of people is interlinked to the health of the planet: Climate change, pollution, waste, biodiversity loss, water quality and security, habitat degradation, increasing contact between wildlife and humans pose huge challenges both for people and planetary health – this is why Sustainability is reflected in Bupa's refreshed purpose .

As a global healthcare company, our role is to mitigate the impact of healthcare on the environment and build resilience into the healthcare system.

This is why we launched eco-Disruptive - to find solutions to the sustainability challenges facing our business and the planet.

To get a taste of our first eco-Disruptive programme in 2021, watch our video .