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Our approach to sustainability

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Living our purpose

At Bupa we strive to live our purpose every day. It guides our thinking, our decisions and our impact on people and society. And it serves to unite Bupa's people across geographies and cultures. In a rapidly changing world, fulfilling our purpose to help people and planet has never been more important.

One of the many urgent issues the climate crisis has raised is the growing evidence of the connection between the health of people and the health of our planet. As a healthcare company, not only do we have an important role to play, but we have a responsibility to our customers, our people and our communities to make a positive difference.


Helping local communities

Alongside the health and care that we at Bupa provide our customers around the world, we also work actively to make a strong, positive impact on local communities. The support provided through Bupa Foundations and our Healthy Communities Fund reflect our commitment to being a responsible and sustainable business.

A key part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been how we support our communities. We engage with local and national community partners to support their work, including through our existing charitable Foundations in Australia, the UK and Spain, and through our people volunteering their time and skills. We established a Healthy Communities Fund, which we directed towards mitigating the impact of the pandemic for those hardest hit.

Healthy cities for a healthy future

The Healthy Cities programme aims to develop resilience both in individuals and the wider community, by investing both in healthy lifestyles and in healthy environments. Through a digital platform we are bringing together companies, employees, public institutions, NGOs, associations and foundations to participate in a community challenge that requires a commitment to wellbeing activity which then, in turn, generates investment in an urban regeneration project.

Disruptive innovation for a sustainable planet
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“I have no doubt that ideas will emerge from this programme that will tangibly contribute to our sustainability ambitions and make a better world.”

Catherine Cummings, Sustainability and Public Affairs Director for Bupa Europe and Latin America

As Sustainability and Public Affairs Director for Bupa Europe and Latin America, it’s my job to think about the relationship between the environment and human health, and our impact on the environment as individuals and as a business. The choices we make and actions we take can have a positive or negative impact and shape the future of human health, planetary health and have implications for the success of businesses and the economy.

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