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Discover more about Lux Med, Bupa’s private healthcare business in Poland.

Supporting Ukrainian refugees

Bupa’s business in Poland, Lux Med, has been supporting Ukrainian refugees since the outbreak of war in February 2022.

Offering a helping hand to Ukrainian refugees

When war broke out in Ukraine on 24 February 2022 Lux Med was swift to act. Within 24 hours all of Lux Med’s healthcare facilities across Poland were providing refugees with both emergency and ongoing medical care – all free of charge. We had a dedicated hotline set up for Ukrainian people coming into Poland.

Across Poland, our network of 270 medical centres and 14 hospitals were open to people arriving from Ukraine We then added dedicated health facilities at refugee centres and providing materials and equipment to hospitals in Ukraine. Within days, our teams were treating over 1,000 people a day.

Helping healthcare workers get back to work

Lux Med is also helping refugees to start new lives and careers in Poland, providing professional support for healthcare workers.

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Our commitment in numbers

separate health interventions provided to refugees
individual refugees supported with medical care
Ukrainian healthcare workers employed by Lux Med

"Deciding to flee your home is difficult, but we realised we had no real choice"

Maryna Pushko, 53, hid for two months in a cellar in the bombarded city of Mariupol, Ukraine with her husband Oleksandr, her 90-year-old father, her son, daughter-in-law’s family and two grandchildren, aged five and one.

Maryna, a GP, and Oleksandr, a radiologist, have been able to start rebuilding their lives thanks to the support of Lux Med, Bupa’s business in Poland’s retraining programme for Ukrainian doctors.

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Maryna and Oleksandr's story

"I worry constantly about my husband on the front line"

Natalia Shadorsk, 38, was forced to leave Kyiv in Ukraine to protect her six-year-old twin daughters. Natalia and the girls have settled in Warsaw, but she lives in fear for her as husband of 12 years remains fighting on the frontline.

Natalia has always loved her career as a doctor and was thrilled to be accepted onto Lux Med’s programme to help Ukrainian doctors gain the language skills and paperwork required to practice in Poland.

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Natalia's story

"I was not afraid to die, but I worried constantly for my son and my mum"

Oksana Okhniuk-Dmytruk, 40, fled war-torn Western Ukraine with her son, 12, and her widowed mother, 65. Leaving their lives behind and carrying only small backpacks and warm blankets for the nights, the family walked for five days to reach the Polish border – and safety.

Now based in Warsaw, cardiologist Oksana is being supported by Lux Med to begin to work as a doctor again in Poland.

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Oksana's story
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There is war across the eastern border and millions of Ukrainian citizens still need help. From the very beginning, I believed that we cannot remain indifferent to these events. We simply behave as we would want ourselves to behave towards us if we were in a similar situation. It's a big challenge, but we are helped by the unwavering commitment of our people.
Anna Rulkiewicz, LUX MED Group CEO